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Villanova Victory At 20/1 Odds Pads Our Bankroll

Published: April 5, 2016 9:33am

Villanova Victory

The Villanova Wildcats and Kris Jenkin’s buzzer beater meant that our one hundred unit ticket on UNC at 8 to 1 odds was a loser. That’s the bad news but there is also some VERY GOOD news as well. His unbelievable three pointer made our one hundred unit ticket on Villanova at odds of 20 to 1 a big time winner. Of the five squads I invested in this past January (See January 18th Post):

  • Villanova 20/1
  • UNC 8/1
  • Oklahoma 12/1
  • Kansas 8/1
  • Maryland 15/1

three made the Final Four and they all eliminated each other on the way to the eventual Villanova Championship. We turned our 500 unit investment into 2,100 units for a net profit of 1,600 units. That’s over a 300% return on our investment in just under three months time. I know most readers would rather play individual games but I encourage all of you to at least put part of your bankroll on the futures. I have been betting on sports for fifty plus years and today playing the futures is the best value and your best chance of winning. The first week of May I will be making my annual spring trip to Sin City to cash my Wildcat’s ticket and to make this year’s MLB selections. Check back on May 3rd for my picks and thanks for logging on.

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