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Slim Pickings In Vegas

Published: October 20, 2016 2:10pm

I just got back from my annual October visit to Sin City where and when I place my NFL and NHL Future wagers and I must say I found very slim pickings…. Read more »

Wiz’s 2016 Oscar Picks

Published: February 26, 2016 9:37am

Every year at this time I step away from picking sports and enter a world I know nothing about. Twenty years ago two friends challenged me to pick the five or six… Read more »

When Will The Wiz Learn?

Published: January 29, 2016 11:30am

Well as we approach Super Bowl 50 the Wiz has no dog in the hunt thanks to the Cardinals total collapse in Carolina last weekend. When will this old dog heed his… Read more »

Tide Rolls And Basketball Plays Are Down

Published: January 18, 2016 10:57am

Just returned yesterday from beautiful downtown Las Vegas where I cashed the Royal’s World Series ticket as well as the Alabama winner. The Tide returned 1,700 units on a 700 unit investment… Read more »