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Spurs 8/1 and Kings 10/1 Salvage Our Winter Bankroll

Published: June 17, 2014 10:04am

Spurs Champions

After suffering a 500 unit loss when the 100/1 UConn Huskies cut down the March Madness nets we were able to salvage our winter sports bankroll when both the Kings and Spurs came through in their respective championship rounds. We had 20 units on the Kings at 10/1 and 100 units on the Spurs at 8/1. Our total investment in the NHL was 60 units while in the NBA we had 300 units on the line. Thus our total winter sports bankroll of 660 units returned 1,120 units for a net profit of 460 units a 70% return on the investment. Ask your local banker if he can match that kind of return. Our four MLB teams (Brewers, Braves, A’s and Tigers) are all hanging on to first place in their respective divisions as we close in on the halfway mark of the 2014 season, I will be traveling to Las Vegas in late July to make this year’s BCS futures wagers. I recently saw that the boys in the desert may be offering lines on whether a particular team will or will not make the inaugural BCS Final Four which may attract part of this year’s NCAA football bankroll. There are less than 100 days until the NCAA Football 2014/2015 season kicks off and I know all of you feel just as I do. I can’t wait!! Thanks for logging on and check back in late July for those CFB picks.

 Disclaimer: This is my second consecutive winning NHL Futures season and as always I have to admit to knowing absolutely nothing about hockey. My good buddy Dave B is the REAL NHL Hockey Wiz. At the beginning of every season we meet for lunch at our favorite PLACE and he gives me two or three teams he likes none of which can be the repeater or the favorite. This year he gave me the Islanders, the Maple Leafs and the champion Kings!! I promise you I will not miss next October’s lunch date.


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