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Buckeyes (12/1) and Crimson Tide (6/1) Give The Wiz Half the Final Four Field

Published: December 8, 2014 10:59am

Championship Trophy


Well the first College Football Final Four has been picked and we have two teams that we wagered on back in July chosen to play in the semifinals. I can’t figure out whether I am happy or not the Buckeyes and Crimson Tide play each other in the first round. On the plus side it guarantees us a team in the Championship game on January 12th and if Alabama advances they most likely would be favored against the winner of the other semifinal game between Florida State and Oregon. That would give us another chance to middle the books like we did last year when Auburn covered but Florida State won allowing us to cash both our futures ticket on Florida State at 25/1 and our game ticket on Auburn with the points. If Ohio State were to upset Alabama it would definitely present a whole different wagering scenario. I guess I should just be pleased that the committee boxed themselves into a Big 12 corner and choosing the Buckeyes was the only way out. Bottom line if Alabama can win the next two games we double our 700 unit investment and if it is Ohio State who does the same our ROI (Return On Investment) is 600 units or 85% return in six months. Show me a bank or savings and loan where you get that kind of a return. As I take a look back at my initial CFB Final Four investment perhaps I played too many teams but that is what makes playing the futures so much fun. You are constantly learning and having to make adjustments plus the extra dough doesn’t hurt either. Thanks for logging in and good luck to everyone during the bowl season.

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